Suppliers monitoring & Industrial inspections
You are located in North or South America, Asia, Australia (…), a great distance from your European industrial suppliers.

We are based in France, and we can visit your suppliers, locally throughout Europe.

NOELL International specializes in the monitoring and inspection of your European suppliers with whom you have signed industrial supply contracts (design and manufacturing).

Based on our extensive experience in the industry, we quickly detect the risks within the activities of your suppliers. We report potential problems in the project schedule and points of vigilance with respect to expected performance, quality risks and manufacturing processes…

After each Inspection, we send you a detailed report of the activity status of your supplier:
  • Analysis of potential issues to be followed,
  • Performance commitments in relation to your specifications,
  • Verification of the schedule in relation to contractual planning,
  • Quality plan,
  • Risk analysis,
  • Audit of the preparation for factory acceptance (FAT, FAI…)
The frequency of our inspections depends on your needs and the challenges of your orders to your suppliers.
We can also commit to an inspection plan.

Project Management
You are an industrial firm and you need a Project Management Resource to drive one of your important Projects, or to help you Manage a set of projects.

For example:
… One of your major projects has to start immediately, but you don’t have any Project Manager available at the moment.
… You wish to develop project management capability for your company, but you do not have the available resources, or you do not have the internal know-how to pilot this implementation within your team.
… One of your project managers is temporarily unavailable; or recruiting takes longer than expected, and consequently you are looking for a Senior Project Manager who is immediately operational, for a limited period of time.
We have over 20 years of project management experience in industry and engineering, including in Design, Manufacturing and Industrial projects activities.

We bring our know-how, operational expertise, and rigorous management skills emphasising the importance of team collaboration, as well as a dedicated steering process to deliver the expected results:
  • Budgeted costs and margin,
  • Quality level,
  • Expected schedule.
Based on our experience in the field, we use robust tools specific to Project management, and a cross-functional approach to the management of people that leads teams to success:
  • Effective inclusion of team and other key stakeholders,
  • Continuous management of the project team,
  • Compliance matrix (clause by clause) to customer’s specifications,
  • Risk analysis and monitoring of related actions plans,
  • Costs and margin tracking,
  • Cash-flow monitoring,
  • Management of planning, tasks and milestones,
  • Ongoing task anticipation process,
  • Milestone review and reports
  • Project dashboard
  • Project reporting: Activity, performances, status and progress.

Interim Management
You are a large, medium or small company, or a start-up.

You are looking for a concrete solution to solve an urgent problem. Our Interim Management solution is simpler to set-up than recruitment for a limited period of time, and more effective than using standard interim services.
We get started in your company very quickly, and help you:
  • To have access to urgent solutions,
  • To reach your goal(s),
  • To have an effective management process,
  • To gain an external objective point of view,
  • To control your expenses.
Some example scenarios for companies that used Interim Management:
  • Management of crisis situation: an unexpected lack of a manager, Director or key manager who unavailable for a period.
  • Management absence: long term unavailability, sickness or maternity/paternity leaves of absence.
  • Performance improvement: profitability increases, on-time-delivery improvement, Quality issues…
We are proud to announce that we participated in the ARIEL of TRIUMF.
TRIUMF said: «The testing and results are documented rigorously with photos, video, and other data collection, which is sent to TRIUMF for review. TRIUMF has appointed French consultant NOELL International to attend the testing in-person on our behalf and provide a report.»
Come and see us at Interpack this May 2020.

Let's meet and discuss your needs for your projects and evaluate how we can help you in the effective management and tracking of your French and European Suppliers.
About us
Our story
Laurent NOELL is a senior Engineer with over 35 years of industry experience.

He has worked across a range of functions including as a Technician, After-Sales Supervisor, Designer… He has developed wide-ranging management expertise working as Project Manager, Projects Director, Operations Director, and General Manager in various industrial and technological companies.

He has worked all his career in an international area:
  • 15 years in the packaging sector.
  • 10 years in the high-speed train sector.
  • Extensive experience in both electronics subcontracting and advanced technological solutions within the fields of international research and medicine.

He decided in early 2020 to leverage his expertise by creating NOELL international.

Our commitment

NOELL International is committed to Operational Excellence across all your projects. We adhere to the followings Values:
  • Focused on your requirements,
  • Listening and reporting,
  • Responsive,
  • Efficiency,
  • Transparency,
  • Rigorous,
  • Working with integrity and respect.

What they say about us
Senior Commodity Buyer at Alstom
Oct. 17th 2019, Mohamed was one of Laurent's clients
"Working with Laurent was a rich experience for me as a customer and buyer. We have negotiated different complex contracts that have guided the achievement of the expected objectives and what has made it possible to achieve these objectives and to realize our projects is also his management style, his skills about industrial environment and his ability to make decision.
We have managed challenging situations involving new design projects, design changes in production, industrialization, production's ramp up of complex products and also emergencies such interventions on sites. In each situation, Laurent has always managed priorities, constraints as well as the entire organization behind him to bring sustainable solutions with professionalism and in a convivial atmosphere."
Jean-Laurent Lagadic
Electronics R&D Director at Sepro Group
Oct. 27th 2019, Jean-Laurent and Laurent worked in the same department
"I do really appreciate the way Laurent is listening a lot to people and then can bring a clear, global vision to the situation and the strategy.
Then Laurent makes things simple and brings energy and motivation so that everybody goes fast on the action plan and results.
The right adapted organization for successful business, this is how I would summarize Laurent's skill."
Sept. 26th 2011, Pierre was at a higher-level position than Laurent but was not his manager
"I know Laurent as Managing Director of one subsidiary of FAIVELEY TRANSPORT in France. He has taken the position 4 years ago to integrate the entity after being acquired. He has been fully able to manage a strong cultural change, implement new organization. He has demonstrated his full ability to drive a team and to deliver and even exceed his commitments.
Laurent is a very hands on person who I could trust and who has in depth control of figures and understanding of business and people skills. Laurent is a self motivated individual, customer oriented."
Joe Quigley
Customer Director at Alstom Transportation
Sept. 22 2011, Joe worked with Laurent in several departments
"Laurent was a very detailed Program Manager who was respected both internally and externally. He also kept his commitments to key milestones in his projects which instilled trust with the end customers."
Jean-Pierre Guy
Vice President Business Development & Marketing - MEA Region at Alstom
Oct. 1st 2011, Jean-Pierre was Laurent's manager
"In my role of executive director of the FAIVELEY Transport Electronics Division, Laurent reported to me first as project manager during 7 years. Laurent is hard working, totally dedicated to his mission. He has a great sense of strategy, customer relationships and knows to assess situations and find ways to avoid obstacles in order to achieve the given objectives. He has excellent relationships with people internally and externally and is able to put people at ease when discussing complex issues on projects. He can be very demanding to his team but always with a smile. Laurent can also be strong and pushy but only when needed. Laurent is driven by customer satisfaction while maximising the interest of the company in terms of profit and cash generation. Beside his amazing PM capabilities in a senior position, his engineering background gives him the capabilities to understand technical matters and to ease the search for solutions with the engineering."

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